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We examine all family needs and values when assessing our clients goals to becoming a Canadian. The need to reside in Canada is as important as applying for permanent residency status. All other things such as admissibility, commitment, health, financial ability, work potential, and adaptability are just some of the factors that need to be addressed. 
Spousal sponsorship make up the bulk of our family sponsorship applicants. It is our mandate to investigate each couple thoroughly in order to present a strong and viable file. We take pride in understanding the details of all our clients to present to the immigration officers the best and concise picture of a genuine relationship and sincerity of being a Canadian.

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Exceptions to the law

Applicants with special circumstances that cannot be directly addressed in any application formats available on a federal or provincial level and have compelling humanitarian and compassionate reasons may find this method of application the only solution. WOODWIND takes pride in understanding many situations in certain countries that warrant the use of the H&C application process for permanent residency. If you find that you have a unique situation with a child directly effected or undue hardship, please contact us directly explaining a full scope of your situation.

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