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Start Up Visa &

Fast Provincial Nominee Program Portals

Start-Up Visa

This is a perfect program for people to start a business venture with professional assistance. Our partners have direct affliates with venture capitalists and upon completion of a Start-Up Visa focused training program, a commitment from a designated organization with a letter of support helps you become a Canadian sooner than later. 

The Start Up Visa program helps business individuals set up a business and immigrate to Canada efficiently. The Start-Ups create jobs and battle immigrant underemployment directly contributing to our growing economy. 

Provincial Nominee Programs

Each Province has unique conditions that an applicant must meet to be selected to start a business in the province and become nominated to apply for permanent residency. We process from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, to Yukon and are result driven. Our consultants have first hand knowledge of what business to conduct, how much to invest, and where to build strategic partners. If you currently own a business or in an senior management position and would like to start a business in Canada and immigrate with the whole family, contact us for a thorough evaluation. 

 Some conditions to meet when applying for a PNP- entrepreneur program:

1. Previous years of experience operating a business as a major shareholder/management or; 

2. Senior management 

3. Net Worth of $300,000+ legally obtained

4. Conducted or will conduct an exploratory trip to the province

5. Business Proposal/plan

6. Willing to conduct a business in Canada with a work permit

7. and more...

More requirements are needed. Please contact us for a thorough and comprehensive assessment.


Business Meeting
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